Note : This post is based on Using UIScrollView with Auto Layout in iOS published on Atomic Object blog.

Recently I read an interesting article on making UIScrollView work with iOS Autolayout. It's quite pain to do it in the Storyboard/Xib files. So I created a reusable library which could be easily used in any project. (And I am using in several side projects). This is so easy and simplified as making UIScrollView work with Autolayout has always been bit a pain to do each time.

I am also using TPKeyboardAvoiding library to avoid input fields being eclipsed by the keyboard. Code is pretty straightforward and is mostly inspired from above mentioned blog post.

Usage :

First off initialize ScrollViewAutolayoutCreator as follows,

ScrollViewAutolayoutCreator* autoLayoutScrollView = [[ScrollViewAutolayoutCreator alloc] initWithSuperView:[superView] andHorizontalScrollingEnabled:[horizontalScrollingEnabled]];

Where `superView` : The parent view to which you want to add `Autolayout` equipped `UIScrollView`

horizontalScrollingEnabled : Specify if UIScrollView should support horizontal scrolling for its content or not

Once 'ScrollViewAutolayoutCreator' is instantiated, get hold of contentView property of ScrollViewAutolayoutCreator object. This is the actual view where we are going to add our subviews to UIScrollView.

You can add as many views as possible to contentView with required constraints.
However, as UIScrollView demands, the bottom most view must be constrained to the bottom of parent view. In this case contentView. Which must be constrained to the contentView bottom for UIScrollView to work.

It can easily be done with library provided method as follows,

[autoLayoutScrollView addBottomSpaceConstraintToLastView:[bottomMostContentView] withBottomPadding:[bottomPadding]];


bottomMostContentView - Bottom most view added to contentView (which must be constrained to superview bottom)

bottomPadding - Padding to the last view from bottom of the parent.

Instead of calling this method directly, you can also add required bottom space constraints manually using regular or visual constraints.

Demo example:
Autolayout ready scrollView

This library is hosted on Github Here. A demo example is provided in the library for easier reference.

Again thanks to Mike Woelmer for such an informative blog post.