Today I officially joined rejoined a Facebook after more than 2 years. Not that I am any kind of celebrity and hash tag will surface saying something like #JayeshKawliIsBack but just wants to say it was really pleasant to go back.

I turned off my Facebook account 2 years back cause I felt like spending too much time on it. And to be honest I was completely turned off by the show off, those damn selfies, food photos (Really? Eat that stuff and stop taking pics), duck faces, checkins (I am not really interested in knowing the place you have been to/went to). After experiencing too much of a clutter on my timeline, one day I went into depression and decided to back out for a while.

It's been two years since then and ironically I am going back into it due to depressed mood. Nice to see old friends and relatives all over again. The major turnover in this decision is I got rid of majority of annoying, frustrating, show-off and notorious people from my friends list. The main reason I went away was some people, and now that I am free of them I will hardly see those mind numbing posts now.

I went to my friends list 1 2 3 times (Yes, 3 times) to see who matters and who does not. First time I got rid of most of them and the decreased exponentially as I moved to next rounds of removal. Glad to say I did not take anyone off in the third round. That being said, I am now glad to have much cleaner and healthy friends list. The people I respect and want to be friends in real life.

Yes, in real, real life. Seriously, how many people from your friends list would you like to hang out with? Few? very few?

I want to make sure the real life friends list matches with virtual one. That's how you can have healthy conversation with them online and on-real too. I just updated my cover and profile picture. (<sarcasm>Keep liking it awwwww</sarcasm>). Updated some personal information too. Hope I am not being too loud.

Just got really depressing email this evening which had me completely dejected and crestfallen. Thank god I reactivated Facebook and came to life a bit. It's glad to see all these people once again.

Not sure how long am I going to stay here. But sure when I am out of this phase, I will deactivate it one more time. I've got bunch of things to do now,

  1. Release image effects app
  2. Work on couple of more apps
  3. Move towards Android team
  4. Clean an apartment
  5. Write a blog post
  6. Cook something new

Well, this list is too big to spend time on Facebook liking, commenting, duckfacing, selfing (Is that a right word?) and browsing some random stuff. It's glad to be productive, but make sure you are not making yourself too boring for people around you.